Jean Harding Counselling

How can counselling help me?

Counselling offers you:

  • A safe space where you can talk in confidence about whatever you wish

  • An opportunity to step back from your day to day concerns and gain some perspective on your life and a better understanding of yourself

  • A place to explore difficult, painful or uncomfortable feelings with someone who will treat you with respect and will not judge you

  • A chance to slow down and take time to reflect

    As your counsellor I will

  • Give you time to talk and listen carefully to what you say

  • Offer my perspective

  • Provide a balance of support and constructive challenge

    The first session provides an opportunity for you to decide whether you feel comfortable talking to me and also for me to consider whether counselling might be of help to you. If I feel that counselling is not appropriate then I will tell you this at the first session and also try to direct you to alternative sources of help.

    My approach
    I focus more on the here and now than on the past.
    I am interested in helping people to develop increased self-awareness, to recognise and let go of old patterns of behaviour, to deal with unfinished business and to move forward with their lives.

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